Black Sea: Russians recover sunken drone, US wipes software

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Information concerning the American drone continues to come to light at an unabated rate shot down over the Black Sea. According to statements by the secretary of the Security Council of Russia, Moscow will attempt to locate the sunken drone.

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I don’t know if we will be able to recover it or not, but it has to be done. And we will definitely work on it”Nikolay Patrushev pointed out characteristically as he broadcasts it CNN.

Yesterday, the National Security Adviser of USAJohn Kirby said: “Without going into too much detail, what I can say is that we have taken steps to protect valuable data related to this particular drone. It is the property of the United States. Obviously we don’t want to see anyone get their hands on it besides us.”.

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According to Kirby the US would like to find the drone, however if the Russia “then its ability to exploit useful information will have been greatly minimized.”

However, two US officials spoke to CNN and pointed out that the US deleted the drone’s sensitive software so that Russia could not gather classified information. The software was deleted after the drone “contacted” the two Su-27s.

Source: News Beast

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