Black Women session brings together almost 200 women in São Paulo cinema

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Almost 200 black women packed a movie theater in São Paulo last Thursday (22) to watch the premiere of the movie “A Mulher Rei” in Brazil. The event was promoted by Comunidade Intelectualidade Afrobrasileira in partnership with the company Master Solenis, which offered this experience called Black Women Session.

The event organizer, Ana Paula Evangelista, thanked the women for attending and spoke about the emotion and importance of the event. “I need you to repeat with me a mantra my mom used to tell me when I was a kid: I’m beautiful, I’m smart, my hair is wonderful, I don’t have to be strong all the time, and I’m special.”

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The CEO of the company Empregueafro, Patrícia Santos spoke about the importance of strengthening and empowering black people, giving them opportunities to occupy all spaces. “I always say that black people just need the opportunity to show their talent. That’s what Empregueafro does. Congratulations to everyone involved in this event for making this possible for so many powerful women.”

The screened film, starring award-winning actress Viola Davis, portrays the story of women warriors who lived in West Africa, in the Kingdom of Dahomey.

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“I am very emotional and speechless to say how much this film touched me. It’s a lot of power and ancestry. Come watch and you will understand”, said in tears the singer Vanessa Jackson, who was also in the session.

The Afro-Brazilian Intellectuality Community also promoted a black session at the premiere of the film Medida Provisoria and already has a schedule for November, when the Black Panther – Wakanda forever will be released.

Source: CNN Brasil

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