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Blackview Announces BV7100, BV5200 and OSCAL C80 Smartphones, Up to $300 Off

Blackview, which is known for rugged smartphones, has announced its new Blackview BV7100, BV5200 and OSCAL C80 as part of the sale on AliExpress called “Superbrand Day”. The first model features a large 13,000 mAh battery, the second features ArcSoft’s advanced camera algorithms, and the third is the first Blackview sub-brand smartphone with a 50-megapixel Samsung camera.

Blackview BV7100

This is the world’s first rugged Android 12 smartphone with a 13,000 mAh battery – an ideal solution for travelers, as well as those users who do not part with a charger or power bank. According to the manufacturer, this model can work without recharging for almost 50 days in standby mode. With an intense load, autonomy is also surprising: 15 hours of playing games or watching videos, 23 hours of Internet surfing, 50 hours of calls and 70 hours of listening to music. The battery itself consists of two cells (it is safer and lasts longer), supports fast charging with a power of 33 W, as well as reverse for quickly replenishing the energy of another gadget. It takes approximately 200 minutes to fully charge the battery.

Blackview BV7100 is designed to work in harsh and extreme environments. It is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts and workers. The smartphone offers a powerful MediaTek 4G processor, up to 10 GB of LPPDR4X RAM (with expandable RAM) and 128 GB of storage. The device is running Android 12 with a proprietary Doke OS 3.0 shell, which has a concise design, simple interface, multitasking and other features.

Blackview BV5200

The strength of this smartphone model is the use of advanced ArcSoft algorithms for image processing. Thanks to them, the photos are quite clear. Users also have access to modes such as HDR, panorama, beauty and portrait. In addition to this, there are night and underwater modes, which allows you to shoot at night and even underwater.

As for the main features, Blackview BV5200 is an upgraded version of Blackview BV4900. This is a fairly light and thin smartphone, equipped with a 6.1-inch HD + display, Helio A22 chipset and up to 7 GB of RAM. The device runs Doke OS 3.0 based on Android 12 and is powered by a 5180 mAh battery.


This model is produced by Blackview sub-brand and is the first mainstream OSCAL smartphone with a 90 Hz display and a 50-megapixel Samsung camera. It also packs a 5180mAh battery, which is more than any other smartphone in the same price range. The design of the novelty is very attractive – a thin and light body, as well as three interesting colors are ideal for young people and those who love style.

Blackview BV7100, BV5200 and OSCAL C80 pre-orders from September 14 to 15 on AliExpress will be $180 ($120 off), $100 ($100 off), and $110 ($110 off), respectively. Discounts will also apply to other devices of the company.

Source: Trash Box

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