Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, ten years of love: hand in hand in New York

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October 2011, the American gossip launches a sensational scoop: Ryan Reynolds, historical companion of Alanis Morissette and ex-husband of Scarlett Johansson, was spotted with his colleague Blake Lively, at the time just 24 years old and fresh from success thanks to Gossip Girl, during which she had been engaged to Penn Badgley, his partner also in the TV series. “There is great chemistry between the two,” revealed some sources.

Which, in hindsight, it almost seems a euphemism. Blake, born in 1987, and Ryan, eleven years older, from those first dates they never broke up. Probably love at first sight dates back to a few months earlier, when they met on the set of “Green LanternBut both had just closed theirs previous relationships. The time to rearrange the ideas, in short, e officially turn the page.

“They laugh all the time, complicity is the secret ingredient of the report, ”someone said in view of the marriage, celebrated in September 2012. After ten years together, nine of which were married, the ingredient «irony»Is still the basis of their love: the couple was recently spotted also in New York, hand in hand on the streets of Tribeca, intent on joking and exchanging knowing looks.

She with a long checkered dress white and blue, he with a light shirt and a pair of Sun glasses: immortalized without the three daughters in tow (James, 6, Inez, 4, e Betty, 2), Blake and Ryan intertwine their fingers like two lovebirds, always together. It is no coincidence that you launched a few days ago a line of drink mixers which “pair delightfully” with Aviation, la marca di gin of Reynolds.

«Coincidence or conspiracy“, He asks himself on his Twitter profile,”hard to tell“. Once again, never take yourself too seriously.

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