Blind and homeless grandfather cried with emotion when he was reunited with his lost puppy

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When we lose one of our little pets, we dream of the moment to be able to get them back, because we would not want to have to say goodbye to our faithful little friends, but, above all, we are very anxious not knowing what their fate could have been.

That is why we could not help being deeply moved after, through a video, we were able to witness the wonderful reunion of two inseparable friends: Don Mario, a blind grandfather who asks for charity in the streets, and his puppy Peluchín. It’s okay to cry!

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a grandfather is reunited with his puppy they are showing how much they missed each other the puppy is white his owner wears a navy blue jacket and a red cap wears a cane and sunglasses

The difficult separation happened after a stranger took the puppy in his car, perhaps thinking that the little animal needed shelter and he chose to try to adopt it without imagining that the little one did have an owner, a humble grandpa who was missing him very much.

Let them do me the charity of returning it to me, because I don’t wish what I am experiencing on anyone. That puppy just needs to talk, anyone who knows him can tell him.

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a grandpa lovingly hugs his little dog who serves as a guide and pet the little dog is cream colored and its owner wears a navy blue jacket with a red cap and sunglasses has a full beard and mustache

As if that were not enough, the puppy was not only his inseparable companion, it also served him as a guide dog, since his grandfather is blind, so once they managed to communicate with each other, every time Don Mario had to go out into the streets, Peluchín was giving him directions with his barking.

Peluchín always accompanies me everywhere, he has never left me alone, for the past six years he has been with me everywhere and even more so because by shouting his name he is with me. It is the only thing I ask, please, return Peluchín to me, he is the noblest dog I have ever had, no matter what, he has always stayed by my side.

a puppy standing on the street next to its owner is wearing a blue sweater for the cold the puppy is cream colored and a little dirty

The neighbors organized to help him and soon his story was released through the local news, with such good fortune that the furry was able to return to his friend. The scene of his reunion is beautiful. We can’t help but feel excited to see that this story had a happy ending.

Oh dad, my beautiful boy. ‘On tabas, dad? ‘On tabas, my child? ‘On tabas, dad? Thank you Lord, thank you. ‘On tabas, my child? Dad, don’t go anymore, don’t let yourself be caught, ‘apá.

Source: Okchicas

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