Blind at L’Isola dei Famosi: “But I’m still a singer”

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Were you happy with Achille Lauro’s victory?
«It was not obvious, but almost. I was expecting it ».

And instead he followed the Sanremo Festival?
«I didn’t look at it with the usual passion because the fact of not having been caught among the competitors went the wrong way. But it was very nice. I cheered for Rkomi and Irama ».

How come he decided to participate in The Island of the Famous?
“It was born by chance. He called me my manager (Francesco Facchinetti, ed) and told me that this possibility had opened up. I am an extremely curious person and I immediately replied: “I would say yes”. I have had many challenges in my life. I have won many, with myself and with my problems. I get involved often. I thought that, coming from nowhere and from public housing, I know what it means to go hungry or suffer. So why not? Also because I’m a big fan of reality TV: I’ve always followed them, from the first to the last. I made my first appointments with the authors, we talked and here I am ».

It takes a good deal of courage. No?
“Of course. But I’m going to get involved. I will have the opportunity to make myself known to a much wider audience than that of X Factor. A more adult audience, following another type of program. I am a singer. I am now and I will still be when I get out ofIsland. I make music. And, I’ll tell you the truth, once you get out of X Factor, due to the pandemic, I was unable to do even a live date. And this thing got me down. I hope with this participation in theIsland to have one more opportunity. Also because I already have some things in mind … ».

“I already have a single ready (actually, a featuring) that I will release as soon as I get back fromIsland. I wanted to give you this spoiler: I couldn’t wait to tell you ».

He confronted Emma with respect to her choice to participate in The Island of the Famous?
“No I did not. I know her and surely, after the stress of the Festival, she will have taken a nice break. I was already in the process of closing with Mediaset and therefore I didn’t even make it in time. At this point I’ll take her insults when I get out (laughs, ed) “.


Source: Vanity Fair

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