Blinken: Beijing’s reaction to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan “blatantly provocative”

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Her reaction China in visit made by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi in Taiwan is “blatantly provocative” said the US Secretary of State, Anthony Blinkento his counterparts in Asian states, according to a Western official.

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Blinken, who spoke during the meeting of his counterparts of the countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, added, according to APE-MPE, that china seeks to bully not only taiwan but also its neighbors with high schools across the straitwhich are the largest ever held in it, the same img added.

The US “will not allow” China to isolate Taiwanstated on the part of Nancy Pelosi after her visit to the island sparked outrage in Beijing. Pelosi, 82, who is making Japan – the last stop on her Asia tour – her first visit since 2015, traveled to Taiwan on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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“The Chinese probably went ahead with these launches using our visit as a pretextPelosi said during a news conference in Tokyo.

They are trying to “isolate Taiwan,” he added, recalling that Beijing rejected a US call in the spring to allow the island’s authorities to participate in the annual assembly of the World Health Organization (WHO).

But “they will not isolate Taiwan because we will prevent them from doing so. We had high-level visits, senators went there in the spring,” it was a “cross-party” initiative, he said, insisting “we will not allow them to isolate Taiwan.”

“They don’t decide where we travel” flew the president of the House of Representatives.

Nevertheless, Pelosi said her tour of the region “was not intended to change the status quo here in Asia, to change the status quo in Taiwan».

Source: News Beast

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