Blinken – Maas: “Good cooperation” Germany – US in Afghanistan

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The “good and close cooperation” between Germany and the United States in the framework of the NATO mission in Afghanistan stressed the Foreign Ministers of the two countries, Haiko Maas and Anthony Blinken, during their meeting earlier tonight at the US Air Force base in Ramstein, North Rhine-Westphalia.

According to the APE BPE, the two ministers expressed the will to continue They also consulted on how to get more people out of Afghanistan, but also on the situation in the country after the Taliban took power.

The two ministers will participate in a teleconference with approx 20 bonds from countries involved in the region in order to assess the developments and coordinate their actions.

NATO: “Taliban must fulfill their commitments”

NATO and the international community will not accept Afghanistan as a terrorist haven, said his Secretary General NATO, after the teleconference in which he participated with Messrs. Blinken and Maas.

“Thank you Anthony Blinken and Haiko Maas for convening today’s ministerial meeting on Afghanistan. NATO and the entire international community will not allow the country to function again as a safe haven for terrorists. “The Taliban must live up to their human rights and safeguards commitments.” Jens Stoltenberg in a post on Twitter.

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