Block 181, Andrea Dodero: “Three-way love”

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“Are you offended if I tell you that your new series seems ‘not very Italian’?”: The debut of the phone call with Andrea Dodero it’s more or less this. He catches the reference and starts laughing: «As a fan of Boris, I’ll take that as a compliment”. The 25-year-old Genoese actor does not like turns of phrase: frank and direct, he goes straight to the point, a bit like Mahdi, his alter ego in Block 181, the new Sky Original series from May 20 on Sky and NOW. The title is an area of ​​Milan infested with illegal activity and crime and the boy teams up with Bea, an indomitable Latin girl, and Ludo, a rich young man who passes off as boredom. The trio is one of those unusual and alternates moments of tenderness with dangerous missions. The nocturnal animals of the Lombard capital, the unsuspected, the inhabitants of Milan well are the respectable facade of every type of use and abuse of substance, but the balance of the ghetto changes quickly and anarchy is rampant. While recounting this experience, Dodero is on the set of another series, this time for Disney +, The Good Mothers, on the women of ‘ngrangheta. Strong stories, in short, that he faces with the impetus of his beginnings and with the passion of youth. Filming, in progress since January, continues until June, and starts from Calabria to move to the rest of Italy.

Lately it seems that the common thread of his career is drenched in blood. Also in The Good Mothers the events are rather gruesome.
«Yes, let’s tell a news story, the murder of Lea Garofalo to talk about the female universe that challenged the mafia. I play an inmate with a 41 bis, a repentant who gets a boss arrested but then falls in love with his daughter Denise. In short, it is the story of Lancelot, an impossible love ».

In Block 181, the relationships are less traditional and more promiscuous, right?
“Here love is fluid, in all its meanings, and is experienced by three young people in search of their own place in the world and – in the words of my colleague Alessandro Tedeschi – by three old men, one of whom is played by Salmo, who they try to hold on to their power. These young people feel they have to repay the expectations of those around them while trying to understand who they are ».

02.08.2021. Milan. Italy.Shooting of the third episode of the Sky TV series: Block 18102.08.2021.Milan. Italy.Filming of the third episode of the Sky TV series: Block 181Gabriele Micalizzi / CESURA

A debut with a bang, in short.
«Oh yes, it’s my first leading role, after many parts in other TV series and in Do not hate“.

Where does the love for acting come from?
«I don’t know how to reconnect the date, I remember the first time at the theater: instead of concentrating on the stage I was fascinated by what could be glimpsed from the wings, who entered and left the stage and I wanted to know where the cast was coming from. It was an interest born at the age of 13 and continued until 17, then I set it aside. Later I took it back and to do it I moved to Rome, where I have been trying for five years ».

Do you come from an art family?
“No, I have two brothers and a sister, but no one has ventured into this field. Dad worked in the pharmaceutical sector before retirement, while mom is a dietician. However, they always encouraged me, since acting was better than other things ».

Did you try your hand at other jobs before becoming an actor?
“After graduating, I worked in a pastry shop for a year and a half to save money to leave and so I started with this little mess tin.”

How did you react to the first “no” to the auditions?
«I am open to accept constructive criticism, to improve. Compared to the no of the auditions I have always tried to have blinders, I hit my head and then I get back on it with healthy humility. For Block 181 I did six auditions in six months, from October to February, but it was worth it ».

Did the acting school prepare you with unlikely exercises?
«In the laboratories we see the most improbable things, we look like a world of madmen: animal instinct is sought to remove the superstructures. And you find yourself doing everything from jumping to roaring, in short, the kind of thing you wouldn’t talk to your mother about. ‘

Reference actor?
“Denzel Washington: I am secretly in love with him because I watched his films with dad and have always admired their truth and tenderness.”

And in the Italian panorama?
«I have a real admiration for Marcello Mastroianni. And I discovered Luca Marinelli, wonderful, and Edoardo Scarpetta, who although very young has focused on quality projects such as The ignorant fairieswith an actor’s strength combined with a truly rare fragility ».

How do you spend your days when you are not working or studying?
«At home with my partner Elisa (Nardini, also an actress, ed.) And my cat Oliver. Since mine is not a time-stamping profession, I am thinking of starting a small theater company. Meanwhile, Elisa is attending university and in my opinion the engagement of Block 181 came thanks to her energies, when I met her. It is my happy island. Sure, we are different and each of her needs her, but with her I have improved as a person and as an actor. Now my world is here, in Genoa I have lost almost all contacts, I have only one friend left ».

A Genoese place that holds tight?
«The climb to the mountain near the house, with the smell of the port, the water beating on the rocks. If you only have an hour of time, go down the cliff and the silence welcomes you, where you can hear everything, even the movements of the crabs ».

It’s in Rome?
«I changed many houses, from Tuscolana to Pigneto and while I was living there with a colleague and friend, Paolo Madonna, that house brought us good because we passed both our auditions, me for TV and he for the theater. He said to me, “Think if they catch us together” and I thought, “A bolt of lightning never hits the same place twice.” Instead it happened. Now, however, all three of us live on the Aventine, a place I am already fond of ».

What awaits you next?
«To hold the first prize of my career, standing on a stage, to be able to thank all those who helped me get here. That would be an emotion! ».

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