Blogger KSI lost $2.8 million on LUNA in one day

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British rap artist and YouTuber JJ Olatunji (KSICRYPTO) spoke about how his life was affected by the loss of $ 2.8 million on the fall of the Terra (LUNA) cryptocurrency.

KSI writesthat in one night his investment turned into $1000. On his YouTube channels, which have about 40 million subscribers, the blogger shared his thoughts about what he learned new by investing in LUNA.

The rapper said that he does not plan to sell cryptocurrency, and, despite hyperinflation, he will wait for the course to recover. KSI writes that he believes in Terra CEO Do Kwon, who, amid the fall of the cryptocurrency, said that he was ready to “solve problems and interact with every LUNA owner” until the crisis passes.

According to KSI, he spent too much time chasing money and forgot about his family, friends and his health. However, after losing almost three million dollars, the blogger finally found peace of mind, “because now you can focus on what is really important.” The blogger has already signed up for a psychotherapist. Many subscribers responded by noticing that KSI’s messages sounded like the words of a person “drowning in depression.”

In January, KSICRYPTO wrote that it lost about $5.1 million in crypto trading in 2021 and warned its audience about the dangers of trading with leverage. The investor took out a loan to increase the total amount of the transaction.

Last month, Brazilian blogger Caio Garé predicted the fall of LUNA. According to him, UST and LUNA prices depended on new deposits made to the Anchor protocol, which was one of the reasons for the collapse.

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