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Blond hair + dark eyebrows, the always winning Lady Gaga style

Who says matchy-matchy in beauty is the rule? On the contrary, the contrast between platinum blonde hair and dark brows we know from the time of Madonna in the 90s that she is a winner and for women of character. Today this look is very popular among the stars and to show it off they are Lady Gaga and also Arisa, that among the thousand beauty changes, now appears on social media ea dancing with the Stars with canary hair and a pair of dark and graphic eyebrows. He succumbed to the allure of the combo too Lily Collins, always a healthy carrier of bold eyebrows: on Instagram she amazed everyone by appearing with pixie cut icy blond and unmistakable eyebrows. A hairstyle very distant from what we are used to seeing it with. Do not panic though, the header of the protagonist of Emily in Paris it was momentary as it was a wig created by the trusted coiffeur of the diva Ken O ‘Rourke for a photo shoot.

The contrast that gives character

In short, the platinum hair + dark eyebrows look is increasingly spotted and is liked by celebs on the crest of the wave like Anya Taylor-Joy and pop stars like Rita Ora. In fact it is a beauty look that has never gone out of fashion, since the days of Edie Sedgwick, Andy Warhol’s muse, who in the 60s sported the iconic bleached short cut with very dark eyebrows.

And then how can we forget the aforementioned Madonna who made one signature at the time of Blonde Ambition Tour, while in the Third Millennium celebs like Anne Hathaway, Miley Cyrus e Kim Kardashian they have passed through this contrast which has also made them famous Cara delevingne. «In recent years, eyebrows have acquired a fundamental role in defining the look, there has been a significant increase in proposals for their definition and coloring.

Plenty of stars have adopted this look, sporting the ever-beloved blonde with noticeably darker bows. Basically is good for all, as long as there is good guidance from the hairstylist on the type of reflection and shade most suited to the complexion and eye color, as far as the hair is concerned. If you want to get a more natural effect, the advice is to slightly thin the eyebrows and lighten them by a maximum of one tone, while for a stronger or more dramatic look they can be enhanced by giving them volume and color. On platinum blonde combined with very dark eyebrows, another suggestion for the hair is to leave a slight darker shadow on the hairline », suggests Elisa Bonanni, Ambassador Schwarzkopf Professional and hairstylist.

Dark eyebrows with blonde, short or long hair?

The strong contrast absolutely makes the look stand out. But is it better to show it off with short or long cuts? «This basically depends on the shade of blonde and the reflection. Star like Ilary Blasi, Michelle Hunzicker or Margot Robbie they show off this look with long or medium-length hair, perhaps playing with more shades of blonde albeit very light. The important thing is that the eyebrows are cured to the maximum and defined, like a true queen of the blonde. On a short cut line, platinum blonde has always been a must and with dark eyebrows it gives an absolutely rock effect », continues the expert.

How much personality does it take to show off this contrast? «When worn with ease, because it defines the look, the face and the look, it is always a winner. It’s a matter of taste, but what is important is to rely on a professional who can recommend the right color combination for the reflection of the blond in relation to the eyebrows ». Girls, not just blondes: ready to think about it?

In the gallery the celebs of all time who have experienced the coolest contrast and ad hoc products.

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