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Blood donation for tickets: Understand the controversy surrounding singer Ludmilla’s campaign

The Hemocentro Coordinator of the State of Rio de Janeiro (Hemorio) carried out, in July this year, a campaign that exchanged tickets for the show “Numanice”, by singer Ludmilla, for anyone who donated blood between the 4th and 5th of the month.

The “Numanice is in the blood” campaign reached the milestone of 2,015 bags of blood collected and, on the first day of the action, it reached a record number of daily donations: 542 bags of blood collected.

This month, the Minas Gerais State Hematology and Hemotherapy Center Foundation (Hemominas) refused the singer’s proposal to offer 700 invitations to fans who would actually donate blood.

At the blood center, stocks for O+ and O- blood are in critical condition and on alert for A-, B- and AB-. In a note to CNN Hemominas understands that exchanging tickets for donations is prohibited by legislation, as it represents a benefits policy and by the General Data Protection Law (LGPD).

What the legislation says

The Ministry of Health informs that, as established in Article 14 of Law No. 10,205/2001, the principles and guidelines of the National Policy on Blood, Components and Blood Derivatives are the exclusive use of voluntary, unpaid donation of blood, which is the responsibility of the public authorities encourage it as a relevant act of human solidarity and social commitment; and the prohibition of remuneration to the donor for donating blood, with a view to protecting the donor and the recipient of the donated blood.

The National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) also highlights that blood donation must be voluntary, anonymous and altruistic, and the donor must not, directly or indirectly, receive any remuneration or benefit as a result of carrying it out and understands that the blood donation campaign singer Ludmilla does not violate the Federal Constitution and Blood Law (Li 10205/01), which regulates art.199 of the Federal Constitution

Anvisa informs that campaigns to encourage blood donation are necessary and inherent practices in Brazilian hemotherapy services. “The availability of tickets or other benefits must be in the context of encouraging and raising awareness of the act of applying for blood donation and not linked to the act of donating/collecting blood”.

In other words, you cannot establish the condition of obtaining tickets or other benefits only if you donate. Even if the donation candidate is prevented from donating, temporarily or permanently, he or she must receive the benefit. In other words, if those interested in donating win tickets even without actually collecting blood, the campaign is confirming the law.

Asked whether candidates to donate and refused during the stages received tickets for the show as well as those who made the donation, the State Department of Health of Rio de Janeiro only informed that the tickets were subject to availability and controlled by the singer’s team. . When contacted, the singer’s team did not answer the questions until the publication of this article.

VIDEO – Ludmilla celebrates the reach of blood donations in Rio

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Honesty in the interview and risks

In an interview with CNN Dante Langhi, director of the Brazilian Association of Hematology, Hemotherapy and Cellular Therapy (ABHH), explains that, in order to acquire a benefit, the donation candidate may not be honest during the registration stages and clinical interview with a trained professional.

By not responding freely and clarifying all questions about risk situations and their health status, the candidate puts their health and that of a potential recipient of the blood at risk.

The president of Hemominas, Júnia Guimarães Cioffi, tells CNN that omitting health conditions and medication use, for example, can lead to serious complications at the time of collection, such as anaphylactic reactions and fainting.

As for the omission of disease risk behaviors, due to the “immunological window”, contaminated blood can be transferred to a patient already in a vulnerable state of health.

Furthermore, a lack of honesty during the interview may lead to blood collection that, later in laboratory analysis, may not prove suitable for transfusion. For Dante, this process ends up leading to the disposal of the material, in addition to the misuse of collection materials and blood center professionals.

Donor details

Anvisa highlights that, when donating, the confidentiality of the information provided by the donor must be preserved. This was one of Hemominas’ arguments to reject the singer’s campaign.

According to the foundation, the institution was obliged to send sensitive donor data, protected by the LGPD.

Asked about the transfer of donor data, the RJ Health Department informed that all the details of the three-day event were controlled by the singer’s production team, who, according to the department, provided the entry list, proof of attendance, nominal tickets, in addition to placing the CPF on the form.

Ludmilla Bill

On social media, deputy Duda Salabert (PDT-MG) informed that she entered, last Friday (15), with the “Ludmilla Law Project” which seeks to authorize the incentive to donate blood throughout Brazil.

“The project will make it possible to offer benefits to blood, bone marrow and organ donors as long as the campaign and benefits are authorized by the public authorities”, he states.

Also on social media, the singer who found out about the bill in her cause: “My team is already getting in touch with her to understand better, so that we can join forces and continue together, saving lives”.

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*Under the supervision of Márcia Barros

Source: CNN Brasil

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