Bloomberg Terminal expands its data on 40 new cryptocurrencies

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Bloomberg has expanded its information system coverage to 50 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin, XRP and Solana. Clients gained access to data on digital asset quotes, as well as related derivatives and indices.

Bloomberg Terminal allows professionals in the field of finance and industries to use the Bloomberg Professional service, designed to monitor and analyze market movements in real time.

Cryptocurrency quotes were added to the system back in 2013. Bitcoin was the first digital asset. In 2018, the offer was expanded to 10 items. In the same year, data from the first sectoral indices appeared on the platform.

According to a press release, Bloomberg has developed a “rigorous screening model” for assets eligible for inclusion in the system. This process involves assessing institutional grade custodian support, access to trading, market capitalization and liquidity.

In February 2022, information appeared in the media about Elwood Technologies’ plans to integrate its platform into the Bloomberg order management system.

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