Blue Origin Fakes New Shepard Manned Rocket Launch – Broadcast

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Today, April 14 at 18:15 Kyiv time, at the test site in West Texas, the American company Blue Origin will launch the New Shepard reusable rocket into a suborbital flight. The NS-15 mission is one of the final stages of checking the apparatus and operations before tourist flights to the area of ​​the Karman line, the conditional border between the atmosphere and space.


Inside the capsule this time there will be only one passenger – the Skywalker dummy.

Blue Origin personnel will play the role of astronauts today – people will climb the launch tower, enter the capsule, sit in their seats, wear seat belts and check communications with the Mission Control Center. The ground team will prepare the capsule for flight and then close its hatch. After that, the “astronauts” will leave shortly before launch.

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The New Shepard will take off, reach a certain altitude, after which the capsule will separate from it. For a while, both parts will rise by inertia to an altitude of> 100 km, after which they will begin a free fall and make differently controlled landings. The mission from the moment of launch will last about 10 minutes.

When the capsule lands, the “crew” will re-enter it to rehearse opening the hatch and exiting at the landing site.

REFERENCE… New Shepard is a system for commercial suborbital flights with a BE-3PM engine powered by LO / LH fuel pair (489 kN thrust). Consists of a single-stage reusable rocket and a 15 m passenger capsule3… Made from multiple layers of durable transparent film, the windows transmit 92% of the visible light. The New Shepard is autonomous and not operated by pilots / engineers from the ground. 26 people are enough to launch. Development started in 2006. Jeff Bezos’ company bought 770 km for the cosmodrome2 land in Texas. Passengers will be charged $ 200-300 thousand. More details here.

Earlier, Blue Origin tested the operation of the convergence, descent and landing sensors, which NASA intends to use to accurately land future missions to the moon under the Artemis program.

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