Bluetooth File Transfer 5.66

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Bluetooth File Transfer – A program for transferring files via Bluetooth. Works using OBEX FTP and OBEX OPP (Object Push Profile). Can only use outgoing connection (from android, to, for example, BB). Tested on HTC Magic 32A and 32B, Motorola Milestone, Google Nexus One.

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! To work, you need firmware that supports the Bluetooth OBEX FTP protocol. Most devices (with Android 1.X) do not have this support out of the box.

Last changes:

  • Critical bug fixes
  • Security Enhancement: Permission for every incoming Bluetooth connection (disabled by default)
  • Excluded photos from contact list when sending via Bluetooth
  • Ability to change the order of commands in the context menu
  • New command in the context menu “Unzip the archive to”
  • New command in the context menu “View archive”
  • New command in context menu “Open as”
  • New Feature: “Add Bookmark” on Context Menu
  • Selecting the settings language
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Source: Trash Box

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