BMW has built an electric M-ku: with four motors, smart driving system and more

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Today, August 17, BMW M GmbH, which is a subsidiary of the German automaker BMW, officially announced the launch of practical tests of its concept electric vehicle – this is the first electric car in the history of the M division, which, theoretically, will reach mass production in the foreseeable future. . However, this car has only a name from the legendary racing division – in fact, the concept at BMW was built on the basis of the BMW i4 car, which, of course, has nothing to do with the M division.

True, the manufacturer noted that when developing the concept, BMW M GmbH employees decided to use a rather impressive body from a coupe in the style of the M-series so that the car was similar to the ICE counterparts. And, in fact, this body allowed engineers to install four electric power plants in an electric car at once – for each wheel. What’s more, in order for these electric motors to work efficiently, the car received an advanced system that will control the power of each of the four motors while driving. For example, this system can determine the torque limit that is currently needed under current driving conditions.

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As a result, the smart system is able to evaluate the speed of movement, the angle of rotation of the ruble, the angle of the gas pedal and a host of other parameters in order to ultimately provide not only maximum efficiency, but also controllability in various situations. Unfortunately, the manufacturer has not yet spoken about any real power indicators – it’s not even possible to estimate the amount of horsepower now. But, probably, we should expect really impressive dynamics from the vehicle, since all-wheel drive and four powerful engines will clearly make themselves felt at a distance from zero to one hundred.

The only problem with this car is that it was tested within the company only on virtual stands – no one has yet tested its capabilities in real conditions. For this reason, the decision was made to create a full-size concept to send it to the race track or even to public roads in order to test the smart driving system and chassis. And if everything goes according to plan for the company, then in the near future, fans will be able to transfer to an all-electric BMW M-series – the authors of the project are confident that they will be able to preserve the emotions of driving.

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