Board of Americanas decides to remove directors and executives

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Americanas disclosed a material fact this Friday (3) announcing that, after deliberation by the company’s board of directors, it decided to remove three directors and three executives during the course of investigations into accounting inconsistencies.

Statutory directors Anna Christina, José Timotheo and Márcio Cruz were removed. As well as the executives Fábio da Silva Abrate, Flávia Carneiro and Marcelo da Silva Nunes, they are also removed from all their functions and activities in the Company during the course of the investigations on the accounting inconsistencies communicated on January 11, informs the document.

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The material fact also says that the removal does not represent any anticipation of judgment.

THE CNN contacted Americanas for a position and is awaiting a response.

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The company also points out that “several measures were implemented with the objective of guaranteeing the integrity of the preservation of the Company’s information and documents, all with the objective of fully contributing to the ongoing investigations and authorities involved”, and lists the hiring of IBPTECH Ibptech , institute of forensic expertise and FTI Consulting for the preservation of data, through forensic copying (byte by byte, with generation of hash code with registration
in notarial minutes by notary office).

The company also cites the implementation of additional internal measures for the protection of data and information, with the hiring, for this purpose, of ICTS Security; the hiring of the company Alvarez & Marsal to act in the judicial recovery process in progress and the hiring of Deloitte consultancy for accounting assistance.

Source: CNN Brasil

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