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Boi Garantido: president tells CNN to seek “artistic excellence” in Parintins

The mission was clear: rebuild the ox on several levels, from the physical structure to the artistic identity to put on a show with “excellence”. This is what Fred Goes, president of Boi-Bumbá Garantido, reported in an interview with CNN . In 2023, Fred took over from the contested former president Antônio Andrade with the aim of “putting the house in order”, with many problems and labor debts.

With decades of experience, Fred knew it would not be an easy mission. “We had to focus on reconstruction of the ox . We couldn’t waste time discussing the past.”

Guaranteed City

The first stage of the process, according to Fred, was to revitalize Cidade Garantido, an ox corral in Parintins. The old warehouse, previously used as a deposit for ancient allegories, was transformed into a food court. The renovation included improvements to the roof and expansion of the allegories space, aiming to improve ventilation for workers, in addition to adapting to the requirements of the Ministry of Labor.

Despite the financial difficulties, Goes reports that the team implemented careful planning to avoid creating new debt and gradually reduce existing debt.

In parallel, the artistic side was not left aside. Fred highlights the importance of presenting a ox befitting the grandeur of the festival . “The main responsibility is to take an ox to Bumbódromo that represents the essence of the Parintins show”, explained president perreché.

Listen to the songs from the album belowSecrets of the Heart ”, which the Guaranteed Boi will present at the 2024 Parintins Festival:

Preparation for the Festival

Fred highlights that Garantido is attentive to changes in the cultural scene and aims to balance tradition with innovation. “We cannot corrupt the main objective of our festival what is Amazonian culture ”, reinforced the president. For Fred, there is a clear objective in 2024: to involve modernity and tradition without losing the cultural identity that makes Garantido an icon of the festival.

The team, according to Goes, works with a focus on maintaining the cultural authenticity of the ox, while incorporating modern elements that enrich the show. “We are bringing back the main aspect, which is the root of this show: the cultural base of the island. We create our cultural and artistic aesthetic and that is what we will do”, says Fred.

The president reinforces that the objective is to raise the level of the show, seeking inspiration and excellence in every detail. “Our goal is for Boi Garantido to reach the artistic excellence that the festival deserves ”, he concluded.

Who will be the setter?

With the doubt about who will be the starting toada raiser at the Bumbódromo, Fred maintained the suspense and says that there is still no choice made between Sebastian Junior It is David Assayag .

“There is no choice. They are both hired by Garantido and will remain hired, regardless of the choice, whether it is one or both”, says Fred. He also emphasizes that the option will be made at the appropriate time, with the aim of respecting the professionals and making the best choice for the progress of the ox presentations at the Parintins Festival.

Interviews with presidents of Bois Caprichoso and Garantido

In the final stretch of preparation for the Parintins Festival 2024 The CNN interviewed the presidents of Bois Caprichoso and Garantido to talk about expectations for the event. The interview with Rossy Amoedo, president of Boi-Bumbá Caprichoso, can be seen here.

Source: CNN Brasil

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