Bois Caprichoso and Garantido perform on the 1st night of the Parintins Festival

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More than 25 thousand people followed the performances of the oxen in the Bumbodromo in parintins, this Friday (24th). The boi-bumbá Garantido opened the first night of 55th Parintins Folkloric Festival, celebrating the diversity of indigenous peoples.

The host Israel Paulain started the traditional red and white ox count, which has been taking place since the 1970s, remembering the victims of Covid-19 among them, Paulinho Farinha, one of the icons of the Festival.

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In addition to defending the Amazon, Garantido also raised the banner of women’s empowerment, placing, for the first time, women tuxauas (village leaders) in the Bumbodromo arena.

According to the president of bumbá, Antonio Andrade, Garantido provided 120 allegory modules and around 2,000 players to tell the struggle of those who defend the Amazon.

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Then it was the turn of the boi-bumbá Caprichoso who closed the show. With the theme “Amazônia Nossa Luta em Poesia”, the blue and white bumbá took to the arena a manifesto in defense of preservation.

In all, 1,500 participants took part in the presentation that brought innovations and technology into the arena to tell about the importance of indigenous peoples in protecting the Amazon.

One of the highlights of the presentation was the Tuparí indigenous ritual, which brought the shaman Erick Beltrão. The Parintinense – one of the debutants in the Folkloric Festival on the blue side – was one of the individual items most awaited by Caprichoso fans.

The ox of the star also took the opportunity to pay tribute to the indigenist Bruno Araújo and the British journalist Dom Phillips, who were killed in the Vale do Javari region at the beginning of the month. A flag with their images was displayed at Bumbodromo.

According to the Government of Amazonas, to put the oxen in the arena in 2022, the bumbás received R$ 5 million each. About 80,000 visitors are expected to pass through the island during the Festival and boost the local economy.

Source: CNN Brasil

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