Bolivia: President Arce will not attend US Summit in US unless all continents are invited

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Bolivian President Luis Arce has announced that he will not attend the US Summit next month unless Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela are excluded.

On Tuesday, Mexican President Manuel Lopez Obrador also said he would not attend the June 6-10 summit in Los Angeles unless the left-wing governments of the three countries were invited.

In April, US Undersecretary of State Brian Nichols announced that “certainly” Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela would not be invited and that the summit would focus on democratic governments in the Western Hemisphere.

“An American Summit that excludes American countries will not be an American Summit, and if they insist on excluding sister countries, I will not participate,” the Bolivian Socialist President wrote on Twitter.

Bolivia and the United States have been estranged for a decade, with the former accusing Washington of meddling in its internal affairs.

Brazil’s far-right president Zaich Bolsonaro will not attend the meeting either, according to sources close to his entourage, but the reasons why he will not travel to Los Angeles have not been clarified.


Source: Capital

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