Bolsonaro criticizes “absurd profits”, but says there will be no interference in Petrobras

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On a visit to the municipality of Pariquera-Açu, in the interior of the state of São Paulo, this Thursday afternoon (12), President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) attributed “a large part” of the responsibility for the increase in fuel prices to Petrobras. . Despite criticism of the state-owned company’s profits, he said he will not interfere in the company’s management.

The president was talking about the readjustment of cooking gas when he said that “it is expensive and a large part is owed to Petrobras itself, which has absurd profits and does not seem to want to fulfill its social role, as provided for in our Constitution”.

The statements were made in live broadcasts on social media, while Bolsonaro drove through the streets of the municipality, heading to the 10th Baninicultura and Agribusiness Fair.

According to the president, “Petrobras’ profit is around 30%, double that of the largest oil companies in the world.” He also stated that the company “is increasingly earning more from the suffering of the Brazilian people”.

Despite the criticism, Bolsonaro said that he will not interfere in Petrobras, “except through legal means, that is, legal actions and also with the Attorney General’s Office of the Union”. [AGU] for an opinion [inaudível] take effect. Therefore, Petrobras’ abusive profit is inadmissible, as is non-compliance with laws”.

Arriving at the event, the president also gave a speech and made new speeches about the country’s economic scenario.

“Brazil is a country that is experiencing inflation, it is experiencing an increase in fuel consumption. I know this and I assume my responsibility, but this is present all over the world. In Brazil, in this regard, it is one of the countries that is suffering the least from the issue of inflation”, he evaluated.

On Wednesday (11), after the release of the results of the Broad Consumer Price Index (IPCA), the Brazilian government had to reduce taxes on imports of 11 products, such as meat, wheat and corn derivatives.

Source: CNN Brasil

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