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Bolsonaro: “He is not connected to the riots in Brazil – He is isolated,” says his son

THE son of Zach BolsonaroFlavio, reported that his father had nothing to do with the recent unrest in Brazilwhere his supporters occupied government buildings and called for a coup d’état so that the military could annul the election results.

“Don’t try to create a false narrative, as if Bolsonaro had anything to do with these irresponsible actions“, characteristically said Flavio in his speech in the Senate. “After the announcement of the results he keeps silent, he licks his wounds, he is virtually isolated,” he said.

The former president was admitted Monday to a Florida hospital, where he arrived at the end of 2022, 48 hours before his term was due to expire. Today he told CNN Brasil that he may end his US trip early because of the medical problems he is facing and return to Brazil before the end of the month.

Meanwhile, Brazilian police have begun questioning about 1,000 protesters held in an overcrowded gymnasium in the capital after mobs ransacked public buildings on Sunday. Most of the far-right ex-president’s supporters were arrested on Monday when the army broke up a makeshift camp in Brasilia where protesters had started before storming government buildings. Demonstrators at a camp outside army headquarters were calling for a military coup to overturn the results of October’s election and elect Luis Inacio Lula da Silva to the presidency after Bolsonaro falsely suggested he was rigged. .

The judge of the Supreme Court Alexander de Moraes, which has been tasked with investigating the “anti-democratic” protests, said today that it would fight “terrorists” in Brasilia. “Democracy will prevail and Brazilian institutions will not bend,” Moraes said at the swearing-in of the new federal police chief.

However, it is already clear that the criminal investigation will be a challenge for the country’s new government.

The roughly 1,000 inmates at the high school sleep on the floor, some wrapped in Brazilian flags, and complained to a Reuters reporter that they are being held “indefinitely” and are not well fed. They were singing and taking pictures with their cellphones, according to videos posted on social networking sites.

Source: News Beast

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