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Bolsonaro says “hope shines again” after Milei’s victory

Former president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) congratulated Javier Milei (La Libertad Avanza) on the election in Argentina. He said that “hope shines again” in the country after the population chooses the new representative.

“Congratulations to the Argentine people for the victory with Javier Milei. Hope shines again in South America”, wrote the former Brazilian president who, on social media, is compared to Milei for his liberal ideas in the economy and also some conservative ones in customs.

Bolsonaro also said that he wants the same thing (election of far-right personalities) to happen in Brazil and the United States. “May these good winds reach the United States and Brazil so that honesty, progress and freedom return to all of us.”

The USA will have a new presidential election in 2024 and, so far, former president Donald Trump is seen as the possible favorite candidate for the Republican party.

Trump, Bolsonaro and Milei are compared on social media. There are posters of drawings of the three together circulating on the web.

Jair Bolsonaro had been supporting Milei’s candidacy since the Argentine primaries. He even made statements on social media in support of the elected president. On one occasion, he sent a video to Milei, which the Argentinean published on his Instagram.

Source: CNN Brasil

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