Bolsonaro says readjustment to police officers in 2022 is suspended

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President Jair Bolsonaro said this Wednesday (19) that the adjustment promised by the government to the federal police in 2022 is suspended, and that servers, currently with frozen salaries, can be contemplated with an adjustment in the 2023 Budget.

“There is a general outcry, because the general intention was, yes, to reserve a readjustment for the federal police, the federal highway police and Depen, the Penitentiary Department, but that is suspended. We are awaiting the outcome of the actions”, said the president, who spoke in an interview with radio Joven Pan.

In the Budget for 2022, approved at the end of last year by Congress, a reserve of resources in the order of R$ 2 billion was included in the final version to increase the number of civil servants.

The money is not stamped to any specific category, but Bolsonaro’s personal promise to allocate it to readjustments for the federal police has always been public. The selective readjustment ended up leading to a series of protests from other categories of servers for correction of their salaries as well.

The president has until Friday (20) to sanction the Budget approved by Congress, and may or may not veto sections.

“We can do justice with three categories; It won’t do justice to the others, I know that. But the old question remains for everyone: are we going to save three categories or will everyone suffer this year?”, added Bolsonaro during the interview.

“What I don’t want is for us to go through committing injustice to the public servant. We recognize the work of the server, we recognize the gap (…). I recognize the work of the servers, that they deserve a readjustment. I have no slack in the budget for the current year [2022]. I talked to the staff about next year’s Budget [2023], I know it’s quite far, but, on the occasion of the making of the same, obviously that the servers will be contemplated with the deserved readjustment.”

The annual budget must always be presented by the president and the economic team by August of the previous year, so that it can then be debated in Congress, where it can still undergo changes.

Reference: CNN Brasil

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