Bolsonaro vetoes article in the Nursing Bill that provided for annual updating of the floor for inflation

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The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, sanctioned, on the afternoon of this Thursday (4), the bill that establishes the new salary floor for nursing, in the amount of R$ 4,750. The text will be published in the Official Gazette this Friday (5).

The presidential sanction, however, was accompanied by a veto to article 15-D, which provided for an annual readjustment of the minimum wage based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), a measure of inflation in the country. In a note, the Planalto Palace justified the veto for alleged unconstitutionality of the device.

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The Minister of Health, Marcelo Queiroga, participated in the event to sign the bill (PL), at Palácio do Planalto. Queiroga commented on the partial approval of the proposal, stating that “the core of the project was preserved, and nursing in Brazil is very happy”. “Unfortunately, the president had to veto article 15-D, because there are problems of constitutionality”, reinforced the minister.

In the statement released shortly after the PL was sanctioned, the federal government states that the article would violate the principle of isonomy, provided for in the Constitution, “by not pointing out a justification for the differentiated treatment in relation to other professional categories”. The government also cited the difficulties that the device would bring to monetary policy as a justification for the veto.

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“The legislative proposal would still go against the public interest, given that it must be considered that wage indexation would bring difficulties to monetary policy, by transmitting inflation from the previous period to the following period, and could increase the resistance of inflation to the retreat” , said the Plateau.

“By establishing the automatic correction of the floor for inflation, the proposal would privilege the preservation of the purchasing power of the salary of the categories it covers to the detriment of other categories and would stimulate the race of other professionals for triggers against inflationary losses, and would harm the control of inflation intertemporally”, he added.

The president of the Federal Nursing Council (Cofen), Betânia Santos, celebrated the sanction of the project, considering that the new value will bring a “dignified condition of life and work to professionals”, but she was against Bolsonaro’s veto of the readjustment. automatic.

“We are going to keep the mobilization, to overturn the veto to the device that guarantees the readjustment by the INPC in Congress”, he said.

Queiroga took advantage of the ceremony at Planalto to emphasize the importance of professionals in the category, and said that “nursing symbolizes care”. “And today we are all here, not to celebrate the sanction of the law, which is the administrative act, but together with Brazilian nursing, to make the commandment of the Federal Constitution of 1988, in article 196, which enshrines health as a right of all and a duty of the State, to come true”, he said.

In May, Bolsonaro had already told the CNN that it would sanction the new salary floor for nurses, technicians, assistants and midwives, and that it was waiting for the definition of what would be the source of funding.

*Intern under the supervision of Rodrigo Vasconcelos

Source: CNN Brasil

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