Bomb Blast in Saudi Arabia : 4 wounded during WWI Remembrance Ceremony


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A bomb blast in Saudi Arabia has left 4 people wounded. The attack occurred on Wednesday, in the city of Jeddah. The explosive device blew during a ceremony commemorating the end of World War I.

The ceremony was taking place in a cemetery when the attack took place. Diplomats of many European countries were present at the occasion.

The French foreign ministry stated that it was an IED – Improvised Explosive Device attack.

Links to France?

Clarence Rodriguez, a French journalist based in the Saudi kingdom tweeted photographs of the attack and raised questions on the possibility of the attack being carried out to target French envoys present at the scene.

The Islamic world has strictly condemned the anti Islam stance being propagated by the French president Emanuel Macron. Tensions between the Muslim world and France continue to escalate as incidents like the last month knife attack on Muslim women in France and attack on a guard outside French consulate in Jeddah have been taking place.

Despite the growing tensions, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries have condemned attacks against people from any religion.

Greek Citizen Injured

A Greek official, who wished to remain anonymous, had given a statement to a news source confirming that one of the people injured in the attack is a citizen of Greece.


This is a developing story. 

Source BBC

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