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“Bombshell” from Lukashenko: Accuses Ukraine of attacking Belarusian military facilities with missiles

Against Ukrainian the president of Belarus turns Alexander Lukashenko accusing it today (Saturday 2/7) of attempting to hit military installations inside Belarusian territory three days ago, but all missiles were intercepted.

The information was reported by the state-run Belta news agency, and Lukashenko, who did not provide any evidence for his claim, said that Minsk does not want war with Ukraine.

The Ukrainian army has not yet commented on these statements.

“They challenge us. I must tell you that three days ago, maybe a little more, there was an attempt to hit military installations on Belarusian territory, from the territory of Ukraine,” Lukashenko said, as reported by the Athens News Agency.

“But, God willing, Pantsir anti-aircraft systems managed to intercept all missiles fired by Ukrainian armed forces“, he continued

The Belarusian president added that his country does not want war with Ukraine but will fight if its territory is invaded.

Belarus is a close ally of Russia and allowed it to use its territory to invade Ukraine on February 24. However, Lukashenko assured that there are no Belarusian soldiers fighting in this “special military operation”, as Russia calls it.

Source: News Beast

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