Boris Johnson for φωτογραφίες Family Photos of G7 Leaders: Giant Media Circus

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Giant media circus characterized the Prime Minister of Britain Boris Johnson The G7 summit, after the leaders of the countries “paraded” in front of the journalists and the American president Joe Biden walked arm in arm with his French counterpart Emanuel Macron on the beach, discussing issues of democracy.

G7 summits are known for their painless and slightly ridiculous “family photos” as leaders try to look as natural as possible in strange scenes – this time on a small beach in Cornwall with a background of seagulls.

Under the cloudy sky, Johnson and Carrie’s new wife welcomed the other leaders and his companions, in an elevated corridor built especially for this occasion by the sea.

After the leaders returned for the family photo, in which they kept their distance but did not wear masks, German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Johnson to go ahead, telling him: “You are the leader.”

Macron stayed a while behind, talking to Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Biden then rushed to him and hugged him, with the French president reciprocating the greeting. The two of them walked away arm in arm, smiling, talking.

According to the Elysee, Macron talked to Biden “How to make democracies more effective for the middle class and for China. They said that there should be no confrontation but to defend our values ​​and interests.”

After his inaugural remarks, Johnson urged reporters to leave, saying the meeting “was going to be a debate between the world’s great democracies – it turned into a giant media circus, in which we had to greet many of each other.” times”.

Such was the embarrassment in many of the “directed” meetings that US First Lady Jill Biden commented: “I feel like we are married.” Johnson, who recently got married for the third time, said it was “like going up the church steps”.

The American president suggested to the journalists to go for a bath, giving the “order”: “Everyone in the water”.

Asked what his message would be to Russian President Vladimir Putin when he met him next week in Geneva, Biden replied: “I will tell you after I convey it.”

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