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Boris Johnson: Goodbye… with ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’

Boris Johnson: Goodbye… with ‘Hasta la vista, baby!’

Conservative MPs greeted the conclusion of today’s intervention by Boris Johnson in the House of Commons, during his final appearance on “Prime Minister’s Hour”, with warm applause.

“We helped, I helped, get this country out of the pandemic and help save another country from barbarism. And, frankly, that’s enough for the march. Mission accomplished,” he said, adding that he will spend the coming weeks “doing what I think the public expects me to do: advance the issues we were elected on in 2019.”

“These last few years have been the greatest privilege of my life. I want to thank everyone here and hasta la vista, baby,” he concluded, adopting Arnold Schwarzenegger’s famous line in Terminator 2.

Earlier, when he was called out by senior opposition leader Keir Starmer over Sky News’ cancellation of a televised debate between the Tory leadership contenders, Boris Johnson responded to laughter from MPs: “Well, I’m not watching since very close to the subject”.

However, he took the opportunity to offer “a bit of advice” to his successor in Downing Street: “Stay close to the Americans, support the Ukrainians, fight for freedom and democracy everywhere. Cut taxes and deregulate where you can to make this country the best place to live and invest.”

Source: Capital