Boris Johnson on Liz Truss: She has the right plan, congratulations on her decisive victory

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Her newly elected British Prime Minister Liz Truss congratulates the former prime minister of the country with a message on Twitter, Boris Johnson.

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“He has the right plan to tackle regional inequality, the rising cost of living and rally the ruling Conservative party,” Boris Johnson said in a message.

Congratulations to Liz Truss on her decisive victory“, he said.

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“Now is the time for all Conservatives to support her 100%,” added the former British prime minister.

Rishi Sunak who lost the battle for the Prime Minister of Britainsaid for his part, as reported by the Athens News Agency, that the party must now rally around the winner of the process, Liz Truss.

“Now is the right time to rally around new Prime Minister Liz Truss as she leads the country through difficult times,” Sunak said on Twitter.

Source: News Beast

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