Boris Johnson warns: Climate change is ‘turning point for humanity’

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“A turning point for humanityWill be the 26th Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate change (COP26), which will begin in late October in Glasgow, as warned yesterday Wednesday Boris Johnson.

The British Prime Minister called on the people to show “maturity” and “wisdom”.

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“It’s time for humanity to grow up”, Mr. Johnson jumped from the podium of the 76th General Assembly of the United Nations in New York, delivering an unusually passionate speech devoted entirely to the climate crisis. “It’s time to listen to the scientists’ warnings,” he said.

He warned again that “the beautiful planet” of humanity is in danger of becoming “unsuitable for living”, not only for humans but also “for many other species” if no action is taken to prevent climate change and global warming. planet.

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“That’s why Glasgow COP26 is a turning point for humanity. “We have to limit the rise in temperature,” he said. “We must show that we have the maturity and wisdom to take action,” he insisted, stressing, as AMPE reports, that time is running out.

Climate change: What the UN report says

Mr Johnson’s speech came just days after the release of a UN report concluding that it would be impossible to contain global warming. 1.5 ° Celsius compared to pre-industrial if there is no immediate and massive reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

THE Paris Agreement (2015) to prevent climate change, which was signed during COP21, called for limiting global warming to less than 2 ° C compared to pre-industrial times, ideally to 1.5 ° Celsius.

But on the basis of the current commitments of the countries that are parties to the agreement, “The world is on the road to a catastrophic rise of 2.7 ° Celsius”, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres recently warned that if there is no change in this “trajectory”, Scotland’s COP26 is in danger of failing.

Boris Johnson called on all countries to “go further” and “faster” in reducing emissions. He added a touch of humor to the speech by contradicting… Kermit the Muppet Show frog, who had said that “it is not easy to be green”, assuring that on the contrary, “it is easy to be green”.

He praised the commitment of the President of China, his Xi Jinping, his country to stop building coal-fired power plants abroad, and the US commitment to double the $ 11.4 billion a year funding it gives to developing countries to tackle climate change. But – insisted Boris Johnson – “we have to go further faster, we need all the countries, we all have to take a step forward.”

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