Borrell: EU works with countries of origin – transit to end Lukashenko

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The European Union is working “closely with the countries of origin and transit” to end the Lukashenko regime’s actions, EU High Representative Josep Borrell said in a statement issued by the EU.

In particular, in a statement on the situation at the EU border, Mr Borrell said that “the orchestrated instrumentalization of people by the Belarussian regime for political purposes has taken on a worrying new dimension in recent days. to the borders of the EU Member States with a view to forcing illegal entry “.

“This shows the cynicism of the Belarussian regime, which, by rekindling the crisis at the EU’s external borders, is trying to divert attention from the situation in the country, where violent repression and human rights abuses continue and worsen,” he added.

“The EU strongly condemns the Lukashenko regime for deliberately endangering the lives and well-being of the people. It violates not only international law but also the fundamental human rights to which Belarus is committed.” “Such inhumane acts require a strong international response and cooperation in order to hold the Belarussian regime accountable for these violations. International organizations must have immediate and unhindered access to the people who are there to provide humanitarian assistance.”

“We stand in full solidarity with the Member States affected by this hybrid attack and will continue to help those most directly affected. Fundamental values ​​will continue to guide our actions, especially in protecting the human rights of migrants,” he said. in the announcement.

“We are working closely with the countries of origin and transit to put an end to the actions of the Lukashenko regime. This is also in the interest of the citizens of the countries of origin. We welcome the efforts of countries such as Iraq, which are taking concrete steps in this direction.” .

The High Representative underlines that “the EU will continue to tackle state-funded illegal immigration, including illegal trade in migrants, organized by the Belarussian regime, including by extending the sanctions regime so that the EU can target “Those involved in and contributing to the Lukashenko regime’s activities that facilitate the illegal crossing of the Union’s external borders. The instrumentalization of migrants for political purposes cannot be tolerated.”

“We will also continue to denounce the human rights violations committed by the regime against its citizens and to consider further restrictive measures against those responsible and to support the people of Belarus,” the statement said.

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