Bot Oleg from Tinkoff called himself and suspected something was wrong. Client card blocked

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An unusual story happened to a Twitter user under the nickname @OsipovSimon: security bot Oleg from Tinkoff called him because of a suspicious transaction, but the person could not come up and the call was answered by bot secretary Oleg. As a result, the virtual assistant talked to himself and did not find a common language. After that, @OsipovSimon found his card blocked.

Telephone Secretary Oleg is a virtual voice assistant, which is an advanced analog of an answering machine. It is activated when a person does not answer the call (this is configurable), picks up the phone instead of him and finds out the reason for the call, and then records the conversation, transcribes it into text and sends it all to a chat with the user. This functionality helps the user to find out who called and why, and also protects him from telephone scammers.

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User @OsipovSimon suggested that his card was blocked precisely as a result of a conversation between Oleg and Oleg, but this is not so. The official Tinkoff account reported that the card was blocked due to a suspicious transaction even before Oleg called, and the bot wanted to contact the client to remove the block.

Source: Trash Box

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