Home Entertainment Boy became a manicurist so his girlfriend would always have beautiful nails

Boy became a manicurist so his girlfriend would always have beautiful nails

Boy became a manicurist so his girlfriend would always have beautiful nails

There are more and more people who, with their perseverance and dedication, show that trades or jobs have no gender, so that both men and women can carry out any job, whether rough or delicate, without being judged or frowned upon by society.

Therefore, nowadays, it is more and more common to see women working in rough trades such as construction, mining, etc. and men working as stylists, makeup artists and even manicurists, occupations that for a long time were considered exclusive to women.


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To show that the works ceased to have a gender, we have the case of an admirable boy, who went viral through videos in which he shows the incredible nail designs he does for his girlfriend, conquering all TikTok users for his nice gesture and talent.

His name is Josué Pergo, a young Mexican who daily shares recordings with his 1.3 million followers, in which he shows his work as a professional manicurist. The peculiar thing about his videos is that his model is not just any client, but it is nothing more and nothing less than his girlfriend.


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Through various short clips, the boy from Baja California Sur, Mexico, shares the different designs and techniques he uses during the nail process. In the recordings, Josué recounts that he changes the design of his girlfriend’s nails up to twice a week, as well as that he looks for a way to do something different for her and improve himself each time.

In addition, more than once, the boy has told in his profile that his taste for being a manicurist began when he was 18 years old and was in high school. But it was not until his brother, who is an international master in acrylic nail design and structure, set up a shop behind his house and, being bored in the afternoons, used to keep him company until he became much more interested and began to practice .


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From that moment, the tiktoker He has dedicated himself full time to doing nails, but not only that, but, through his Instagram account, he frequently broadcasts “live” to share tips, as well as all his knowledge about manicure.

The iconic case of this boyfriend, who instead of paying for his girlfriend’s nails, puts them on himself, soon became popular on the short video platform, where he has not only achieved millions of views and likesbut countless girls have written in the comments section that they would die to have a boyfriend like Josué, since not only does he do her manicure, but they also do nails as a couple.


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