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Boy creates smart spoon to control Parkinson’s tremors

Aarav Anil, a 17-year-old boy from India, joined the list of young innovators when he created a spoon that helps with meals for people with shaky hands, often caused by Parkinson’s disease.

According to The Guardian, Aarav came up with the idea when he saw his uncle Arjun, who suffers from the disease, having difficulty eating. He even tried to help him with the meal, but his 70-year-old uncle gave up.

The boy used his knowledge of robotics and, using microcontrollers, sensors, motors and a 3D printer, created the prototype of a smart spoon. The cutlery’s sensors are capable of detecting tremors on one side and activating movement on the other, preventing the object from shaking while it is held.

The invention was sent to the University of Physiotherapy in Bengaluru and Avil is now working on some adjustments. “I’m tweaking it based on feedback, like making it waterproof and detachable so it can be cleaned and replaced with a fork, as well as the spoon being deeper to hold more food,” he told The Guardian.

Aarav, who has represented India in more than 20 robotics competitions across the world, knows that the product is not entirely original. Some American companies sell something similar, but they cost around US$200, while the young man’s invention should cost US$80.

The estimate is that the new tests at the college and the validation process will be completed next year, and the results will be published in a medical journal, so that small-scale production can begin at first.

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