Boy spends his savings to invite his dad to dinner and is surprised to see the bill

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The reaction of a child when he saw his father’s birthday dinner account went viral not only because the little one saved for that gift for a long time, but because more than one independent adult felt identified.

The moment shared through TikTok perfectly reflects the surprise, sadness and disgust experienced by the elderly when paying from the house bills, to the weekend outing.

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The user of the short video platform Lizette Viridiana (@lizetteviridiana) shared the little boy’s reaction after seeing the amount he was going to pay to invite his father to dinner.

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The celebration included delicious dishes, laughter and the classic mañanitas. However, the little boy’s smile disappeared completely when it was time to pay, since the total of the account exceeded his capital.


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Between nervous laughter and concern, the minor disbursed every one of his cents, but ended up receiving the help of other adults, including his own father, who, despite what happened, appreciated his son’s gesture. That yes, the little one was so scared with the bill that he said that he would not eat in that place again, because the prices had been excessive.

The video already exceeds two million views and thousands of comments in which Internet users highlighted the noble action of the child, while others said they were identified and some more took the opportunity to clarify that this is the reason why they prefer to eat at home.

Source: Okchicas

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