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Boyfriends escape from their party and celebrate their love in a taquitos stand

Full belly happy heart! Perhaps that is why some newlyweds decided to relax a bit after leaving their religious wedding, because while the time came to go to celebrate in an elegant room with the family and guests, the couple decided to go eat some delicious tacos.

We assume that with the rush for the celebration, the new couple could not eat anything, nor could they endure their hunger until they were served dinner at the celebration. So they decided to go to recover energy at the street taco stand where they normally went on their dates as boyfriends.

some bride and groom in their wedding suits sat at the table of a street taco stand they are holding hands and smiling happily

It has happened to all of us that when we are superstressed by an important family celebration, we don’t even have time to eat. In addition, almost always, we arrive at the event tired and quite hungry. But if you are the party, things get worse, because then they don’t even let you have dinner at ease.

But these bride and groom got ready, because as soon as they were blessed, they went to celebrate their first dinner as husband and wife with taquitos. Perhaps they thought no one would notice, but the place they went to, Mulato’s Taquería, posted the images on their official Facebook page, making their getaway go viral.

some bride and groom walk down the street next to a taco shop wearing their wedding suits

Of course, this happened in “Magical Mexico”, particularly, according to the location of the business published on their networks, in the city of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Even the taquería put together an advertising phrase that fits with the happy moment.

Long live the bride and groom! Edzon and Estefania, congratulations. Thank you for making us part of those important moments. Mulato’s taco shop, where love begins.

Roast tacos arranged on a plate with colored paper on the base, with vegetables and green sauce

Source: Okchicas

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