BR do Mar is important to diversify the country’s transport, says specialist

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BR do Mar is a project to encourage coastal shipping – approved in September by the Economic Affairs Committee of the Senate – which is important to diversify the modes of transport in Brazil, in the opinion of the coordinator of the Logistics and Infrastructure Nucleus of Fundação Dom Cabral, Paulo Resende.

There is an expectation that an urgent request will be approved and the text will go straight to the Plenary.

Resende explained that cabotage is navigation by sea, which specifically deals with a connection along the coast, necessarily between Brazilian ports.

The proposal is relevant, according to the expert, because “Brazilian states have economies that are closely related to each other.”

For example, there is industrial production that begins to be manufactured in Rio Grande do Sul and ends in Pernambuco. “Today all this is done mostly by truck, it’s a country on wheels, we’ve seen a threat of stoppages by truck drivers and the economy stops.”

“BR do Mar is a fictitious name, more of a marketing one, but it is a new alternative for a country with 8,000 km of coastline, with interconnected economies that need transport and that cannot depend on a modal, everything in terms of infrastructure is urgent. ”, completed.

Paulo Resende also believes that implementation would be faster, for example, than that of railroads, as Brazil currently uses cabotage to a lesser extent.

“We are not starting from scratch, cabotage already exists in Brazil, but its participation is very small, it is not a modal offered universally for all sectors of the economy, it will not be a mystery for Brazilian operations.”

Reference: CNN Brasil

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