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Brad Pitt landed in Bolzano: the reasons for the trip to Italy

Sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat. Brad Pitt he landed on a private flight at Bolzano airportimmediately triggering the media tam tam: a video released by the portal Stol shows the American actor a few moments after disembarkationpreceded by some staff who help him with his luggage, among which his stands out beloved guitar. Smiling and helpful, he greeted those present, then got into the car and disappear.

According to the first rumours, Brad will stay a few days in Merano, in a luxurious residence with spa. But what is this due to? surprise visit? For many, the Hollywood star – great lover of Italy – would be here simply for one vacation relaxing, disconnecting from professional commitments and taking care of yourself. Others, however, hypothesize that the motivation for this trip could indeed be working.

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In fact, there are those who have noticed a singularity coincidence. Exactly 32 years ago – on September 19, 1991 – at the foot of a glacier a few meters from Italian-Austrian border, the so-called was found Similaun mummy, then renamed familiarly Ötzi, an incredible anthropological find dating back to the Copper Age. A discovery which – as is known – particularly struck Pitt, so much so tattoo its shape on the forearm.

An idea that – when it came out in the press – did double the accesses to the website of the South Tyrolean Archaeological Museum, where the mummy is preserved and exhibited. And which he raised several times speculations on the possibility of Pitt himself realizing it a movie about the story of Ötzi. That that moment has come and he is already making gods inspections in Zone? For now there is no answer, only so much curiosity.

Source: Vanity Fair

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