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Brad Pitt Launches His Own Clothing Brand; and he’s not the only one

Brad Pitt Launches His Own Clothing Brand; and he’s not the only one

Hollywood it’s full of movie celebrities who are also fashion entrepreneurs away from the screen.

Sarah Jessica Parker is one of them. The actress played a journalist in love with shoes for years in the “Sex and The City” franchise and, in real life, ended up creating her own brand, the SJP which draws on the likes of the character Carrie Bradshaw.

Already Reese Witherspoon gave life to a patricinha lawyer who loves fashion in “Legmente Loira” and, since 2015, runs the dress brand Draper James.

Now, the youngest to join Hollywood’s fashion management team is Brad Pitt , which launched this month God’s True Cashmere, focusing only on cashmere shirts – one of the pieces that he confesses he can’t miss in his wardrobe. Check out more examples:

Brad Pitt – God’s True Cashmere

Hollywood star Brad Pitt decided to venture into the world of fashion with the God’s True Cashmere. The brand was launched alongside the Sat Hari Khalsa , an ex-girlfriend of the actor who is also a jewelry designer. The products sold are unisex cashmere shirts and the average price is $2,500.

Bill Murray – William Murray Golf

Like Pitt, Bill Murray, the star of “Ghostbusters” and “Faith and Misunderstandings” created a golf clothing brand with the brothers that bears his own name.

The Murray family’s idea is to show that sportswear can be fun. Murray, who is a fan of the sport, is the brand’s poster boy and lives in campaigns wearing shirts, shorts, skirts, hats and caps.

Reese Witherspoon – Draper James

Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” is also ambitious and visionary in real life. Reese Witherspoon created a clothing brand and named it after her grandparents, Dorothea Draper and William James Witherspoon. Launched in 2015, Draper James is just one of the actress’s many off-screen deals.

The line has classic clothes, but colorful and with different prints. The brand seeks to emphasize the roots of the actress, who was born in Alabama, in the southern United States.

The following year, Reese invested in another market and founded the production company Hello Sunshine. She is also responsible for the series “Big Littles Lies”, “Little Fires Everywhere” (both on HBO) and “The Morning Show” (Apple +). In addition to being in charge of the production of “Legally Blonde 3”.

Sarah Jessica Parker – SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker

Like Carrie in “Sexy and the City”, Sarah Jessica Parker seems to be just as passionate about fashion as her character.

In 2014, she founded a shoe brand called SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker. The average price? $350. Recently, the actress also announced a wine brand, Invivo SJP.

Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley – Brother’s Bond Bourbon

The Salvatore brothers from “The Vampire Diaries” took their relationship off-screen. Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley have maintained a great friendship since the end of the series and created, in 2021, an alcoholic beverage company, Brother’s Bond Bourbon. Bourbon, a type of American whiskey, is sold by the actors for $40.99. To complement, of course, it has a whole line of clothes and accessories.

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