Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk, family lunch with little Lea

Before hides between mom’s legs, Irina Shayk, then reaches with a leap daddy’s shoulders, Bradley Cooper. It was an afternoon of celebration for the little girl Lea De Seine, Just 4 years old, the only daughter of the star of Hollywood and the Russian supermodel. The two, in fact, have been pinched by photographers during a tender family lunch at al Cluny Café, in Greenwich Village, a New York.

You, with black combat boots and skirt under a neon green jacket. Him, with one t-shirt chiara and sports trousers in addition to the classic baseball cap. They were engaged for four years, then insummer of 2019 they decided to stop their love story: “They did it by mutual agreement and now they are working amicably to better manage custody of the daughterHe revealed at the time People.

In fact, although Irina was immortalized with suitcases in hand as she leaves Bradley’s house, she doesn’t seem to have been there particular tension in the post-relationship: even if the gossip promised one legal battle (in light of the matter Lady Gaga which had overwhelmed the American actor afterwards the night of the Oscars), the two they immediately found an understanding on the joint custody of theirs child.

“They will share custody of Lea De Seine and they will both live in New York, to ensure that the co-parenting project be simpler, ”he wrote at the time TMZ. “I’m this way be in tune with they haven’t even felt the need to formalize it“. In fact, it always seems to have gone smoothly, even during the lockdown, when Bradley stayed locked in the house “With the mother, two dogs and the daughter”.

«I felt the responsibility of protect my mother from Covid, ”the actor said. “Fortunately we have a small internal courtyard so we could go out for a while in the open air. How did I entertain my little girl? I opened some kind of individual nursery school», He recently recounted,« in the morning I gave her swimming lessons in the bath”. She was a little bit with dad and a little bit with mom, of course.

Although the expression co-parenting, Irina never liked: “I do not understand herHe said last month. “When I’m with my daughter, I am his mother one hundred percent. And when he’s with his dad, he’s one hundred percent her dad. ” In short, the important thing is that Lea is happy (e crazy).