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Brazil and United States sign recognition agreement between customs

Brazilian companies certified as authorized economic operators (OAS) will be able to export faster and with less bureaucracy to the United States. After seven years of negotiations, the IRS signed a mutual recognition agreement (MRA) with US Customs.

Through the agreement, the two countries formalize the partnership between their authorized economic operator programs. With these initiatives, the customs of the countries recognize companies that operate the international logistic chain with guarantee of the security of the loads and the tax and customs rules. Adherence to the programs is voluntary.

Discussions between the technical teams of the Internal Revenue Service and the Customs and Border Protection Service of the Government of the United States of America began in 2015, with the signing of the joint work plan. With the signing of the agreement, the Brazilian OAS program becomes compatible with the Customs Trade Partnership Against Terrorism (C-TPAT), one of the largest certification programs in logistics chain security in the world.

Now, Brazilian companies certified as OAS-Segurança will be recognized as safer and less risky companies. With greater reliability, the percentage of inspections of Brazilian exports to the United States will drop. In addition, when loads from these companies are chosen for verification, they will be given priority in the analysis.

Destination of 14% of the country’s exports, the United States is Brazil’s second largest trading partner, with a flow of more than US$ 70.53 billion in 2021. Of this total, Brazil exported US$ 31.15 billion to the market North American and imported US$ 39.38 billion from there.

According to the Ministry of Economy, in the last three years, companies from the OAS Program were responsible for 17% of exports to the United States. The ministry did not provide detailed estimates, but informed that the signing of the agreement should generate an increase in the demand for OAS-Security certification among Brazilian companies.

Source: CNN Brasil

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