Brazil: Bolsonaro’s security men are accused of violence against journalists

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For use of force against Brazilian journalists covering the president’s visit to its meeting G20 in Rome his security men are listed Zaich Bolsonaru according to local media.

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Brazilian TV reporter Leonardo Monteiro accepted pushing and punching in the stomach, wrote the website of the newspaper O Globo.

The attack on a street in Rome yesterday reportedly took place after Monteiro, who works for the TV network Globo, asked the far-right president about his absence from the events in the presence of other heads of state and government.

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They followed chaos scenes, some of which were videotaped, although the alleged attack on Monteiro does not appear in the footage.

According to Brazilian reports cited by the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, there were incidents with journalists from other media. For example, one is supposed to they took away his cell phone.

It was not immediately clear whether the security men were the president’s bodyguards or Italian officials tasked with protecting the official visitor.

There was no immediate comment from the Brazilian government or the Italian police.

O Globo called on Bolsonaro to give “full explanations”.

The Brazilian president is increasingly isolated both at home and abroad because of his extreme positions and permanent devaluation of its pandemic Covid-19, which has cost the lives of more than 600,000 people in Brazil.

A parliamentary committee investigating the country’s management of the pandemic has proposed his referral.

Bolsonaru often attributes his problems to the media, which he accuses of spreading “false news”.

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