Brazil: Bolsonaru is accused of misogyny

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Salo has caused it in Brazil veto of the President Zaich Bolsonaru in a law that provided for the free distribution of sanitary napkins to poor women.

The hashtag “#FreeToMenstruar“(Free to have my period) has been trending on social media for a week now and many celebrities have spoken out to criticize the October 7 presidential veto.

“In what century do we live? Why do we have to fight for obvious things? They still do not respect us. “Menstruation has been a reality for years in our country”, wrote the singer Preta Zill, daughter of Gilberto Zill.

“Bolsonaru showed his half-heartedness with this veto. “We can not be silent, we are talking about the dignity of thousands of women,” said Marilia Araes, a left-wing lawmaker and rapporteur who hopes to overturn the presidential veto in parliament.

Last night, President Bolsonaro said, during his weekly live speech on Facebook, that he would have to “fight” to find the resources for the free distribution of sanitary napkins in the event of a veto being lifted.

According to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency, more than 5 million women were to benefit from the law, especially schoolgirls from poor neighborhoods and prisoners.

Zaich Bolsonaru argues that the bill does not provide a source of funding and that it will be forced to “deduct resources from the Health or Education budget”. “I will not raise taxes or create new ones to finance this,” he said.

According to the Brazil branch of the non-governmental organization Girl Up, which was established by the UN in 2010, one in four teenage girls in this country is forced not to go to school for several days a month, as she “can not spend her period with dignity”.

According to a report by Unicef Regarding “menstrual poverty in Brazil”, 713,000 girls do not have toilets or showers in their homes and more than 4 million do not “have access to the necessary hygiene in schools”.

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