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Brazil: Disrupted drug trafficking network that sent 17 tons of cocaine to Europe

European and Brazilian authorities worked together to dismantle a vast network of traffickers drugs who were active in Brazil and had shipped 17 tons cocaine in Europe.

As reported by Europol a total of 15 persons were arrested and objects worth more than 80 million euros were seizedaccording to the announcement of this European Union agency for cooperation between national police authorities, which is based in The Hague.

It is a major victory in the battle against the drug trade. European and Latin American police authorities dismantled one of Brazil’s most active criminal networks, which had flooded Europe with tons of cocaine,” Europol added.

THE investigation started in March 2021, when 316 kilograms of cocaine originating from southern Brazil were seized in the port of Hamburg, Germany. Germany, France, Spain and Paraguay also participated in the survey.

According to Brazilian Federal Police (PF), which has been investigating this case for two yearsthis organization sent 17 tons of narcotics to Europe. Of this quantity, however, 12 tons were seized. The operation to dismantle the network took place on Thursday, with the participation of 200 police officers in various states of Brazil and in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay. 87 properties, 173 vehicles and an aircraft were confiscated, while 147 bank accounts were frozen.

THE cocaine was produced in Bolivia and transported to Brazil by truck by a Paraguayan. Shipments to Europe were carried out by sea, through companies based in ports in southern Brazil. These companies hid the drugs in legal cargo, the owners of which knew nothing. When the products arrived in Europe, the traffickers’ associates would steal that part of the cargo that contained the drugs, so that they could then sell them in different countries.

Source: News Beast

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