Brazil: For the first time a majority of citizens reject President Bolsonaro

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For the first time, the majority of Βραζιλιάνων dismisses the president Zaire Bolsonaru, According to a poll published on Saturday, as serious accusations about supplies and bribes of executives, hit the already burdened image of the Brazilian president for the manipulation of the pandemic.

According to a Datafolha poll, 54% of Brazilians support a move by the lower house to start ousting the president, although 42% oppose it. In the latest Datafolha survey on the subject, released in May, supporters and opponents of the category were virtually equal.

In a separate Datafolha poll released on Thursday, 51% of Brazilians said they did not approve of Bolsonaro, the highest percentage since taking office in January 2019.

In recent weeks, the capital, Brasilia, has been plagued by allegations that federal officials demanded bribes to quickly control and over-cost the Covaxin vaccine developed by India’s Bharat Biotech. At the end of June, the Brazilian Ministry of Health suspended the $ 1.6 billion ($ 304 million) supply agreement.

A health ministry official and a member of Congress said concerns had been raised about Covaxin’s deal with Bolsonaro, but no action appeared to have been taken. Last week, a Supreme Court justice authorized an inquiry into the president to step down.

In a radio interview today, Bosonaro said he had taken action after his officials announced their concerns about the Covaxin deal, but it was not extended.

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