Brazil has challenges and opportunities in the technology sector, say experts

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During the Esfera Brasil Forum, which took place this Friday (25), specialists discussed the potential and challenges that the country has to prosper in the technology sector. The analyzes were made in the third panel of the day, entitled “Technology as a gear for Brazil’s growth”.

The event is promoted by Grupo Esfera, an organization that aims to promote thinking and dialogue about Brazil and that brings together businessmen, entrepreneurs and the productive class. Independent and non-partisan, the group’s mission is to be a unifying hub for Brazilian entrepreneurship.

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Federal deputy Felipe Rigoni (União-ES) opened the panel. According to him, technology must be treated together with science and Brazil must follow three principles: “predictability of resources, shared governance and national challenges”.

“You need to mobilize society, science and technology for some national challenges. Something similar to what happened in the United States at the time of the race to the moon. The country mobilized the entire society. Private sector, public sector, civil society, etc. And, more important than the arrival on the moon, in fact, were the dozens of technologies that were created to make this happen, ”he said.

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Also present on the panel were the CEO of Qualcomm, Luiz Tonisi, and the economist and member of the new government’s transition team, Gabriel Galípolo.

At the beginning of his speech, Tonisi stated that there is no power in the world today that is not associated with a technological power, that is, a country that has science, technology and the creation of labor as its principle.

However, the specialist understands that Brazil still has a shortage of professionals prepared to deal with the new reality. “The great commercial activity that will exist in the world or that will already start with great force in the world is the intellectual one, not the manual one”.

“The greatest infrastructure a country can have today is technology. We need roads to get from one place to another, we need energy. But the internet, connectivity is just as or more important, because without it we cannot take the next step, which is to bring value”, he added.

Gabriel Galípolo considered that Brazil has opportunities in the sector, noting that the country has international reserves, has no problems from an energy point of view and also has a good geography, something that, according to him, is important for facilities.

“Looking at what the new economy will be like, which is necessarily thinking about being intensive in low-carbon technology, with environmental sustainability, with social and economic sustainability. Remembering that these three things do not rival, in fact, they have a symbiotic relationship. Brazil can emerge as a protagonist in this new economy that is emerging, presenting itself to the world as a great attraction for investment and development, looking at these new technologies”, he explained.

Source: CNN Brasil

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