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Brazil has more than 2 million new companies opened in the 1st half of 2022

Brazil had more than 2 million new companies opened in the first half of 2022, according to a survey by Contabilizei, based on data from the Federal Revenue, obtained exclusively by the CNN Brazil.

In the first half of 2021, 2,016,078 new companies were opened, while 2,016,481 was the amount for the six months of this year.

The survey points out that there are several macro and microeconomic factors that must be taken into account when justifying this evolution. However, it is worth considering that, despite the country facing an unfavorable global scenario, Brazilians continue to undertake.

The data also point out that, in recent years, Brazil has rarely reached the 2 million mark in just one semester.

Of the 2,016,481 million companies listed in Brazil, 78.48% are MEIs (individual microentrepreneurs), equivalent to 1,582,628 thousand CNPJs. While 21.52%, equivalent to 433,853 thousand, are non-MEIs (micro-companies, small companies, large companies).

The month of May had the highest number of non-MEI companies registered in the first semester, adding up to a total of 79,880 new CNPJs opened. The number surpasses the same cut of 2021.

The service sector represented more than half of the total number of CNPJs opened in the first semester, with 60.41%, followed by commerce and industry, respectively.

In the first half of 2022, 1,218,222 service companies were opened, a growth of 8.1% in the sector compared to the same period last year, which had 1,127,375.

Segments that pulled this data are transport, warehouse and mail, which represent a growth of 19.9%. Administrative activities and complementary services reached an increase of 16.9%, while education evolved 12.7% and health and social services increased 7.2%;

For more than 10 consecutive years, the states of the South and Southeast lead the ranking of opening companies in Brazil. São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Paraná and Rio Grande do Sul remain at the top of the list, being the 5 states that most open companies in the country, respectively.

According to the Vice President of Growth at Contabilizei, Guilherme Soares, between 2015 and 2019, the market for starting companies was already growing significantly in Brazil, 11.1% when comparing the first half of the year with the previous year. .

“Due to the global pandemic, the 1st half of 2020 suffered a decrease of -1.8% in the number of openings when compared to 2019. Thus, we believe that this increase in the opening of CNPJs can be explained by the fact that we are returning to the rhythm pre-pandemic”, he explains.

For Soares, several factors boosted entrepreneurship in Brazil and one of them was the impact of the pandemic on the economy in the last two years. Thousands of people lost their jobs and, to recover their income, opened their own businesses.

Others already had an informal business and chose to regularize it. The majority opened their CNPJ through the MEI, due to the flexibility allowed by the Labor Reform or to enable a micro-business that had been in the plans for years and left the paper at the moment.

“The important thing is that Brazilians are changing their behavior in relation to work: more and more we see people entrepreneurship, which is excellent for the country’s economy”, said the executive.

Soares completes by showing that, according to the behavior of recent years (excluding the atypical period of the pandemic), the projection is for an increase of 2.7% (2,070,925) for the second half.

Even in an inflationary scenario and also during an election period, the Brazilian economy has been showing signs of recovery, according to him. The expectation is for stability in the number of openings of companies for the coming months, with a slight increase in this period of the year.

For 2023, when analyzing data from previous periods, the outlook is positive and includes a growth of 8.6% (history of growth in recent years), with an expectation of more than 4.35 million openings for 2023.

Source: CNN Brasil

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