Brazil has no interest in sending weapons to countries in conflict, says Lula

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President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva said this Monday (30th) that Brazil has no interest in passing on Brazilian ammunition so that they are not used in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

“Brazil is a country of peace. The last dispute was in the Paraguayan war, therefore, Brazil does not want to have any participation, even if indirect”, Lula replied to a journalist.

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According to the president, the world has to look for someone to find peace between Russia and Ukraine, because, until now, the word “peace” is little used.

“I said something that I managed to hear all my life: when one doesn’t want to, two don’t fight. Until that moment, those who did not live in the region did not understand why that war was taking place”, declared Lula.

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Russia’s invasion of Ukrainian territory began in February 2022 and has already left thousands dead.

“Today I have more clarity on the reason for the war and I think that Russia made the mistake of invading the territory of another country. So Russia is wrong. They need to want peace”, emphasized the president.

Lula said he will help however he can, but he doesn’t know how. “If I want to talk to Putin or Zelensky, I’ll talk. I don’t know when this war will stop if it continues in this starvation we are experiencing, “she concluded.

Source: CNN Brasil

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