“Brazil has no right to think small in education”, says expert

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to the specialist CNN in education Claudia Costin, the implementation of the new secondary education in Brazilian schools will present logistical challenges for the country, but which must be faced to achieve an improvement in the preparation of young people.

The new high school took effect this year and promoted changes in the curriculum of schools. Now, from the second year onwards, the student must choose which area they want to delve into. For Costin, the change is in line with example countries in educational systems, but it will be necessary to face bottlenecks, such as the offer of subjects in municipalities that have only one school.

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“We have to look at this as a challenge that is not just about training and valuing teachers – as even the students said that teachers need to be valued as professionals – we need to look at it as an immense logistical challenge”, says the expert. CNN in education.

A Datafolha survey commissioned by the NGO Todos Pela Educação showed that 98% of public high school students want training options that prepare them for the job market. In addition, 92% of students would like to be able to delve deeper into specific subjects at school, as proposed by the new high school.

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According to Costin, the new high school represents a more contemporary but challenging model. “It will be a big logistical challenge, it will be a big teaching challenge, but Brazil has no right to think small in education. We are the 12th economy in terms of GDP. Students are right when they say ‘we need full-time school’”, points out the expert. “It won’t be easy, but it’s time for Brazil to give the importance that education has to have”, she emphasizes.

Source: CNN Brasil

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